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Using times of crisis for crystallizing and creating the new 


What a chance!

This time of unprecedented transformation is demanding a strengthening of leaders’ human qualities, to enable both conscious and evolutionary change.

Radical and decisive changes that are taking place all over the world are having an unforeseen impact on our thinking, actions and the design of our systems.

How can we use this in a positive and sustainable way?

How can you transform this opportunity into a source of strength for your team, company and yourself as an individual?  

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Inner HUMAN rEvolution

You believe that – besides strength you will need a large amount of self knowledge, confidence, self-leadership (self-discipline works better) and intuition to navigate through these unchartered waters?

Do you want something to evolve from the inside to the outside?

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Professional HUMAN

You consider yourself responsible for co-creating a professional future. Through your leadership you are shaping a new setting, in which success is defined differently than it has been until now.
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Projects and businesses are embedded in a variety of ecosystems. Awareness of how these systems interact and natural principles are precursors for long-term growth.
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Events & Retreats

07. - 10.09.2020 EARLY BIRD

Leaders in Resonance Mountain Retreat

„Disconnect to reconnect“ – Timeout in the mountains to build and strengthen your self confidence and self awareness.

rEvolution for the leaders of today and tomorrow through inner transformation.

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22.-25.8.2020 early bird

in Nature

What does a healthy awareness of ecosystems have to do with the balance between give and take, striving and sacrifice, light and dark, strong and vulnerable?

What can nature teach us so we can achieve a new kind of future in line with our humanity?

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07. - 10.09.2020

Transformational Coaching

With us you can shed light on different turning points that have been crucial in your personal growth. Transformation coaching is not looking for a quick solution to a problem, but rather relates to what life is challenging you to do NOW.
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My timeout for inner Growth

People need time to adjust and align themselves particularly in moments of crisis and times of radical change.

In taking this personal break, you and your inner wisdom become the focus. You yourself get to choose the framework for your own personal retreat. 

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Transformations Cracks

"There is a crack in everything, and that's where the light gets in"

"In allem gibt es einen Riss, und genau von dort kommt das Licht hinein"

Leonhard Cohen, Anthem

Transformation often shows itself through by cracks or pain from stretching that we see when something has become too small and gives rise to something bigger.

In this guide you will find out which cracks could be very real clues to your own transformation.

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What makes Maria Kaplan's coaching so unique is her high level of professionalism combined with great attentiveness. I felt I was both looked after as a professional and holistically taken care of as a person. This enabled me to develop the best in myself.

Since my first coaching with Maria Kaplan, my life has very much changed for the better: with her help, I have been able to articulate my goals, deal openly and profoundly with any doubts and make clear decisions. She helped me to combine two seemingly irreconcilable concerns that lay close to my heart (professional development to serve wider society and being an actively involved mother to my children) and thus embark on a path of holistic personal development.

Isabella Summa
Direktorin Familienagentur Südtirol, Italien
If there is someone capable of delivering information in a unique way, natural gifted person who can blend teams together from the first session, you are looking at her "Maria Kaplan". In addition to all that, she is passionate about what she do and it was obvious during the course I attend with her. She has a seamless way to deal with the participants, which helped us go through this course easily. There are some people you can't forget and she is definitely one special trainer and coach I won't be forgetting. Thank you dear Maria for the wonderful experience you offered me.
Bassam Al-Qallaf
Communication commissioning Engineer Kuwait

I was again and again in admiration of how quickly you managed to go deep and really get to and work on the crux of the matter. Your methods combined with your keen mind shone a light on certain aspects that suddenly became as clear as day and natural. Fog and darkness in certain areas were able to dissolve or at the very least became less.

Your professional nature, coupled with your warm heart and empathy, meant I felt that I was in very good hands and was able to open up and communicate. I also very much appreciated your patience.

Your professionalism and how quickly your understood me, as well as your deep understanding of processes, are definitely among your strengths. The space that you provide for challenging and difficult journeys feels very safe. This sense of trust is in turn combined with a lightness of touch.

Maria Hintenaus
ehem. Lehrerin, jetzt Ganzheitliche Körpertherapeutin
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