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The opportunity to create is a big motivator for you when taking on responsibility in projects. .

You view projects as a ground for giving life to something new whilst at the same time sparking development on other levels.

I had the pleasure of being coached by Maria for (PM4) Project Management Training. She is a very professional coach. I learned a lot from her especially regarding the project management, time management, team development, leadership, communication skills. Maria helped me to improve my personal and professional skills. I strongly recommend her. Appreciate your fantastic work Maria
Fahad Al Angari
Project Engineer at Siemens Installation Interface Management

And that all levels: with yourself, with those involved in the project, in your company and also in society.
A project can become a catalyst for value creation and real change.

As a future-proof project leader, you listen carefully to everyone involved with your project, including stakeholders and you view your project within the overall context of the upheaval taking place.

You not only manage your project linearly from planning through to handover, but your leadership takes into account the differing cultures and dynamics of all those involved.

You lead with head, heart and hand and that makes you successful in the long term – winning hearts and minds. 

You can see this in your results, in the management of your team and in your own sense of satisfaction with your contribution to the overall project.

Project Leaders in Resonance blicken weiter

While you are familiar with all the data and facts but you are also sensitive to and aware of the signs of change and your inner wisdom.

Projects are certainly unique, novel events in a company’s life – making enable the establishment of a project culture to benefit and strengthen a new corporate culture.

Projects act as as type of seismograph that can be read by a tuned-in project manager listening resonantly and with active awareness

Project leaders feel the challenge of crises and change just as much as everyone else. But they are able to work closely with the opportunities of change, able to use the cracks that emerge in the existing structures to create chances that signpost new paths and ways of working.

On the way to professional, human rEvolution, very different learning formats are created today, for managers in development who want to do justice to the current circumstances.

  • Face-to-face training
  • Blended learning journeys
  • Individualized training for resonant leaders tailored to individual groups of people
  • Coachings and team coachings
  • Focus moments
  • Integration anchors
  • Fields of resonance to  make collective knowledge visible


Due to the lockdown and the changing global learning environment, do you have specific needs for Resonant Leader training in your company or team?

I very much look forward to hearing from you, and working with you to discover an innovative solution for your future project/s.

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