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"Working with Maria was easy, she tailored the workshop to suit my team and was extremely flexible meeting my requests. Maria was encouraging and wanted the best outcome in the given time. She was extremely professional and executed everything in a dynamic way - consultative, flexible and committed to giving me what I wanted. Maria has the ability to connect with a diverse range of people (culture, genders, age, etc) which ensures a connection with every participant. Most importantly, after the workshop I had a number of consults“check in” to assess their progress. For Maria, her interest doesn’t end with the workshop, she is driven to see ongoing improvements for my team and me"

Danielle Maassen,

Manager Business Strategy and Market Intelligence, Marketing and Business Development

Alphabet/ BMW Group

"What makes Maria Kaplan's coaching so unique is her high level of professionalism combined with great attentiveness. I felt I was both looked after as a professional and holistically taken care of as a person. This enabled me to develop the best in myself.
Since my first coaching with Maria Kaplan, my life has very much changed for the better: with her help, I have been able to articulate my goals, deal openly and profoundly with any doubts and make clear decisions. She helped me to combine two seemingly irreconcilable concerns that lay close to my heart (professional development to serve wider society and being an actively involved mother to my children) and thus embark on a path of holistic personal development."

Isabella Summa,

Director of the Agency for Family, Province of Bolzano 

Bolzano ,South Tyrol

"Maria inspires through her conviction and shows this through widely branching paths that extend beyond the classic leadership training. She opens doors, but leaves it up to each participant to decide for themselves whether to step through them and open up to a new perspective."

Ben Rennings
Sub Project Manager, Siemens Energy

"It was a very good and valuable experience to be coached by Maria in the Project Management training. Due to the current epidemiological situation I was a little bit skeptical about the online format, but eventually it worked really well. All the team members were involved, the program was quite intense, we had a lot of interesting cases to be solved and Maria was always available for support.
I highly appreciate the advise which Maria gave me for my personal and professional skills improvement. Sometimes you need someone who can provide an objective opinion about your performance and Maria is exactly the right person, very supportive, optimistic and professional. Maria has a lot of experience in the soft skills development, it is obvious. And when you are stuck with an issue, Maria is asking the right questions to lead you though it so you can analyze it by yourself and not just giving a ready answer to you. This is something very special and I like it.
Thank you, Maria, for your great job! All the best in your career and looking forward to be coached by you in the next training. :)"

Liudmila Orlova
Project Manager, Moscow, Russia

„There is a sense of freedom in the goal that can be achieved with you. I can look back on the path I have taken and appreciate it. I also see the way ahead of me and know that I have what it takes to follow it. Because clarity and self-confidence have developed in me, and thanks to you, they are no flash in the pan but are resources that I can fall back on time and again. To have achieved my goal with you as a coach means to have developed respect for the path - my path. Understanding of the potholes and seeming diversions. And trust. Not just in my abilities, but in life itself."

Susanna Kammeringer
Expert for Social Innovation, Coach

"Maria was my trainer during a learning programm organized by my company some months ago. I appreciated a lot her way of communicating with the people, both during the training sessions and the free time. She is very professional but also empathetic, making us always feel comfortable, keeping the interest of the class always high, giving precious tips, using a very positive and proactive approach in a multicultural environment."

Paola Brignone
Project Manager at Continental, Savona, Italy

"Maria managed to do two quite remarkable things when she led our workshop. Firstly, she got us asking the right types of questions. To begin with we were mainly concerned with what we wanted. Thanks to Maria, we realised that it is more about the greater vision and drive we work under and how we can use our strengths to help with that. Which brings us to the second point: Maria helped us establish a deep connection with our own inner beings and resources. The conversation took on a completely different quality, an incredible depth and authenticity. I felt much better connected with myself and with the others and therefore ultimately also with our common vision. Our creative energy reached a completely different level as a result of the workshop.

Maria's way of working was completely new to me and almost a little alienating. But I quickly realised how much power it unleashes with the kinesiological testing. The questions she detected took us out of our comfort zones and broadened our view of the bigger picture. Maria was incredibly warm and sensitive, and reacted to the energy in the room. I can't imagine we would have gone home feeling nearly as optimistic and positively recharged that day without her help. We were all very, very grateful to her for that."

Stephan Merkel,
Consultant, Project Heilort

“I had the pleasure of being coached by Maria for (PM4) Project Management Training. She is a very professional coach. I learned a lot from her especially regarding the project management, time management, team development, leadership, communication skills. Maria helped me to improve my personal and professional skills. I strongly recommend her. I appreciate your fantastic work Maria.”

Fahad Al Angari
Project Manager, Tarshid, Saudi Arabia

"I was absolutely enthused by your support - we got in touch with our project on an otherwise unaccessible level. I suppose, we simply put our hearts into it.I thought, the way Core Coaching Method deals with topics was excellent (and in my opinion you master it rather well!) AND then its effectiveness is obvious ... depth were reached that would otherwise be hard to access. And all that so quickly!!!
It was demanding and absolutely rewarding.
I will always support bringing you back on board in the future."

Kyra Wik Merkel,
Project Heilort

"Maria is a very a professional coach. I was lucky to be coached by her during PM4 Project Management training. She helped me a lot for improving my communication skills and in how to handle different cultures, managing difficult situations and how to be a team leader. Mainly, I had a the opportunity to understand, develop and practice communication skills, conflict management, leadership styles and how to adapt from case to case. She knows a lot about soft skills which i am yet to know and i am looking forward to meet her again in another training in the near future. She deserves my highest recommendation! And I wish her all the best in her career!"

Ahmed Hany Mahrous Mahmoud El Farargy,
Certified Project Manager, Siemens, Qatar

"I was again and again in admiration of how quickly you managed to go deep and really get to and work on the crux of the matter. Your methods combined with your keen mind shone a light on certain aspects that suddenly became as clear as day and natural. Fog and darkness in certain areas were able to dissolve or at the very least became less.Your professional nature, coupled with your warm heart and empathy, meant I felt that I was in very good hands and was able to open up and communicate. I also very much appreciated your patience.
Your professionalism and how quickly your understood me, as well as your deep understanding of processes, are definitely among your strengths. The space that you provide for challenging and difficult journeys feels very safe. This sense of trust is in turn combined with a lightness of touch."

Maria Hartner-Hintenaus
Yoga Teacher and Integral Health Coach

"If there is someone capable of delivering information in a unique way, a natural gifted person who can blend teams together from the first session, you are looking at her "Maria Kaplan". In addition to all that, she is passionate about what she does and it was obvious during the course I attended with her. She has a seamless way to deal with the participants, which helped us go through this course easily. There are some people you can't forget and she is definitely one special trainer and coach I won't be forgetting. Thank you dear Maria for the wonderful experience you offered me."

Bassam Al-Qallaf
Communication commissioning Engineer Kuwait

"Maria and I crossed paths when we were both working for the same company.At that time she was my supervisor and training to become a coach. When she came up with the topics of coaching and staff development, I was initially on my guard and very critical of this new idea being proposed. I had the feeling that someone was trying to squeeze me into a precast mould so that I would conform to a desired ideal to serve the company as effectively as possible. Maria recognised this scepticism and with her warm and caring manner and methods, guided me at my own pace through the stumbling blocks that, in hindsight, I see I had always unconsciously put in my own way.
She has given me the freedom to decide what I want to change and what is ok to stay as it is. The initial fear of "I am here to be improved or optimised" has developed into a journey towards myself. Today I can say that the coaching methods Maria used with me opened doors and gave me opportunities for development that I had not even suspected existed. Recognising my own value, developing understanding for myself and others, gives me an inner quiet and the desire to continue this journey. Dear Maria, thank you for broadening my perspective and accompanying me on this path."

Veronika Griga
Key Account Manager, Automotive

"The most intense moment when I still get a little goosebumps when I talk about it is: to have the mountain panorama in front of you, embedded in nature and simply to notice: the whole thing makes sense, to feel that I am allowed to be part of the whole Just an intense feeling of gratitude. ”

 M.G. Weiss
Consultant Director, Munich

"Maria was my trainer during a very interesting Project Management training. Apart from a great training she supported me even after the course which had a valuable impact on my daily work. I think she perfectly understood what I needed and could provide recommendations and help accordingly.”

 Doris Beckmann
Product Manager for Education Management, Siemens Healthineers

"It was just really good! It was entertaining but intensive, very funny yet incredibly informative. Both days I came home with a real grin on my face. Many thanks for that!"

"Designed to be interactive, an intensive examination of oneself and others, great format and pleasant atmosphere. The two trainers were very appreciative and created a pleasant atmosphere in the group - ideal for the first few days of getting to know each other."

"Very good input on collaborative teamwork, that could be put into practice straight away. I was able to get to know my colleagues really well, in a caring and fun, playful way. Everyone had enough time to show and express themselves. The storytelling was great!"

"The various methods we used combined and complemented each other very well. The two seminar leaders synched incredibly well with each other and really challenged us without overwhelming us."

Team IMC Krems
Students at the IMC Krems, Team Building Workshop 2019 

"I've never experienced anything like it. I was expecting what felt like the umpteenth communication workshop - same old same old. This was a team building that welded us together at lightning speed. It was incredibly valuable, especially under the current circumstances. Everything done just right! Awesome!"

"An exciting introduction to the course and a great opportunity, especially in these times, to get to know all colleagues personally in a creative way."
"Fabulous! A fantastic opportunity to get to know the group - with lasting effect! Our cohesion as a class community very much remains incredibly good. Despite Corona-related digital teaching, we really have all become friends. So once again, many thanks to the two facilitators who guided us so well through this first weekend. "
"Top, top, top! How to help complete strangers get to know each other in 1.5 days! Was impressed and remain grateful that we had this first weekend in person."

Team IMC Krems
Students at the IMC Krems, Team Building Workshop 2020   

"I participated in the retreat session because I like to try new things and I thought you looked like you’d do a great job of it. One thing I found really helpful was how – with the right questions - I was able to feel very connected with complete strangers, ... that was completely new for me.
The way you facilitated the session was a real asset. The two of you were fully involved in the group as leaders. That was really good.
I still think about the things and inner wishes we discussed - a few times a week ... and I think I can focus on them even more.
I think such a retreat can only have advantages and I thought it was absolutely fantastic!
A big thank you again to you and Susa!"

Carina Mayr
Biofarmer und Wild Flower Artist at Kuntilerhof, Axams, Tirol

"The benefit of the retreat is, to renew my understanding of the importance of not being so strict with myself and not judging myself so much. But Instead to allow myself to look at myself in a loving way. This is nothing new, but during the retreat I could FEEL it – in my gut and in my heart, which is much more effective then to repeat it only in a rational way – in my head – again and again."

S. Walter,
Senior International Marketing Manager, IT-Business

"These informal and integrating methods offer up the chance to improve team building and teamwork by allowing everyone, regardless of their work role, to bring to the group and express their own point of view on different topics. This creates an enriching and lively exchange. This exercise also helps people to become aware of their own strengths and skills and how to use them to take new innovative steps – both personally and professionally. My energy level at the end of the exercise was great. I felt positive, calm and inspired. My own personal energy gained a lot from this session, especially in terms of confidence and my integration into the new team. There was a sense of deep appreciation from everyone.

The practices put us in a positive frame of mind and led to us getting to know each other better beyond the day to day aspects of work. Just as Core Listening was designed to do, empathy emerged along with a desire to create a creative atmosphere of success. The topics dealt with have opened up a 360% view of different perspectives: personal, private, professional and social aspects that can now be brought together. The experiment also made it possible to look at the issues from different view points. It has laid the foundation for consider and tackle everyday problems from different angles and find better solutions every time."

Filippo Ferraro,
Agency for family affairs South Tyrol, Italy

"I had the pleasure of being coached by Maria for Project Management. I have successfully passed the Commercial Project Management(CPM) Certification. The training given by Maria has helped me to communicate effectively with all people, to manage my time successfully, to handle better challenging situations, it has helped me to improve my personal and professional relationships and most important to achieve success and happiness at work. She is very friendly, encouraging, gives an honest feedback, is helpful, has lot of creative ideas, she gave me a lot of suggestions and tips which is very helpful in my career. I strongly recommend to use her coaching. Thanks again Maria for your excellent work, I wish you all the very best!"

Jennifer Miralles
Commercial Officer/ Senior Proposal Specialist, Siemens United Arab Emirates

"You were very present, competent, respectful and very caring when you were working with me. I could open up in trust which opened my trust in you and enabled me to enter safely and more deeply into the process."

Rainhold Wildner,

Psychotherapist and founder of the Family Constellations by

Bert Hellinger in Austria

"Conversation brought a conscious unstanding and ability to explain the background to the situation I was experiencing. Through this conversation I was able to being the phase to an end – and its ongoing burden has subsequently disappeared.I was shown how I can play an active part in bringing the situation to a close, without having to surpress it, unresolved. I am hopeful that this this lived experience won’t re-emerge at a later date. The atmosphere inspired trust and was very calm.
You are very empathic, while also being able to maintain a professional distance. This allowed you to guide the conversations in a way that enabled me to reach results, despite my feeling tense emotionally. I felt no sense of confusion afterwards, i.e. the sense I had found more questions than answers. By professional distance, I don’t mean cool detachment, but the ability to speak with a clear mind and to break down the complex web of the situation I was experiencing."

Werner B.                                                                                                    
Attorney, Munich   

“Great opportunity to come closer together & build a better understanding of each person”

“I believe we are more open to one another, a positive vibe and we are commited to change ”

“I liked the game as it enables me to reflect on some situations and be more aware of myself and my stengths or weaknesses.”

“Its good to move even closer together to support each other in these difficult times. This we certainly were able to during this WS”

"Yes, I believe this is a good exercise to get more appreciation of the people and understand better why they react the way they do and why they say things. I liked the card game as it enables me to reflect on some situations and be more aware of myself and my stengths or weaknesses."

Team Finance

Team Corelistening for Alphabet/ BMW Group, Munich 


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