Core Listening 

- resonant listening

In a light-hearted, playful exercise , you will experience how quickly a conscious form of listening can change the cooperation and culture of teams and companies in the long term.

This exercise was a great way to develop closeness and trust in the team. By having the opportunity to get out of the daily routine and spend time "listening properly" to our team members, we were reminded of what is most important for a well-connected and effective team. After the workshop we made a mutual commitment to keep up these refreshed habits.

Now we come together once a week to maintain this mutual respect for one another and to take time to listen, to interact with one another and to support one another. The result is improved team culture.

Danielle Maassen

Manager Business Strategy and Market Intelligence

Marketing and Business Development

Alphabet/ BMW Group

For leaders, holders of responsibility, moderators, mentors, Agile coaches, change agents, company management, politicians, and much more - who want to sharpen how they listen in order to understand more than what is actually said. To share more than the imaginable and to discover new features of leadership.

You will experience:

  • playful experimental exercises
  • conversations under new auspices
  • encounters to surprise and amaze
  • a space free of prejudice
  • numerous contacts for further networking
  • how trust and empathy can come about

You will gain

  • theoretical information on listening
  • ideas to develop your approach to listening
  • suggestions of how to actually transfer what you have experienced into everyday life
  • a listening culture transfer card for you to can record your steps and contributions to a listening culture.

Would you like to develop a listening culture for yourself, within your team or company?

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