turning point of the year: 

Power of your
INNER voice

The end of the year is getting closer. 

Are your READY?

Has the year mixed up a lot for you?

Do you feel like pausing, for the here and now and for silence to listen to your inner voice for two days?

Do you want to align yourself with what you can create in 2021?

Yust for you

Your very own
retreat - programme

  • Everything that happens in the retreat results from the here and now of YOUR life.

  • You meditate and contemplate the themes of your life with what is to come.

  • You are best placed to know what your next step is. With the help of biofeedback (kinesiological muscle test) your exercises, questions and meditations will arise. So you don't follow a stranger’s prescribed programme, but the impulses of your inner voice.

  • You will notice how this makes further steps in life feel more natural.

your home-RETREAT

Balance between the inside and outside

  • The retreat takes place at your home. Between the meditation cushion, the drawing and writing pad and the winter landscape.

  • Meditations, contemplation, physical and writing exercises that are tailored to you.

  • Alone but accompanied online with other participants.

What is included in the retreat?

1. Joint sessions in the group (max 8 participants) : 

  • In the morning at 6.30 (1.5 hr) and 
  • In the evening at 8.00 p.m. (1hr) 

- meditation

- morning exercise

- joint writing session

- short "tuning in together" session

2. A single session / day (approx. 30 min) 

Here the focus is on your own questions and your individual practice

3. Your own retreat time alone


Start: 1/1/2021 5 p.m.

End: 3/1/2021 11.00 a.m.


215 € including VAT


Coach and trainer for resilience, leadership and mindfulness 

I have been accompanying people on their path and journey for 10 years. I no longer make a distinction between business concerns and inner human development. Everything is connected to everything. Each subject area can provide important information for the next step during breaks and retreats. When it comes to the essentials, the core of the human being, it is just a matter of being awake, open and curious about everything as it emerges, just as it is.

Retreats and Transformation

Retreats and transformation coaching are the heart of my work. Because the focus here is to get to the bottom of life and yourself. To achieve an inner clarity, intuition and strength that radiates to all other areas. There is a lot going on here and at a very fundamental level. And this is where the greatest joy always arises for me too.

I have been qualified in a variety of methods for many years. My most valuable instrument, however, is your and my intuition. For several years I have been practising meditation, self-contemplation and accompanying retreats. So while a lot of experience is available to me, at the same time it does not get in my way I remain fresh in my approach to working with you and work out together what defines your future path or journey.

Retreats and transformation coaching and dream coaching are the heart of my work. Because the focus here is to take a deep dive into your life and yourself to gain an inner clarity, develop intuition and strength that can then radiate to all other areas. A lot of very fundamental things are happening here. And this is where the greatest of all things always arises for me too

JOY . 


“One of the greatest things I've ever done - in fact, in my entire life. I finally felt like a person again. THAAAAANK YOU for this wonderful 'life' experience. "
Michael Weiss
HR Director
I have recognized that it is important not to see and judge myself so strictly, but to cast a loving look at myself. Not new in itself, but in this retreat I was able to FEEL it - in my stomach and in my heart, which is much more effective than just saying it again and again in a purely RATIONAL way - in my head.
S. Walter

Senior Marketing Manager, 

IT Branche

One of the benefits was that I found that with complete strangers, with the right questions, you can feel very connected ... that was completely new to me. I think such a retreat can only have advantages and I absolutely loved it!
Carina Mayr
Bio-Landwirtin,  Wildblumen Künstlerin

Frequently asked Questions:

Should I say goodbye to everyday life completely for the days?

If you are undisturbed for the fixed times in the morning and in the evening and your individual session, this is very helpful. In between you can then continue to contemplate and meditate in 'normal life'.

Do I need special equipment?

The retreat is very simple and you only need comfortable clothing, a comfortable corner to sit upright (sofa, chair, meditation cushion) a blanket and writing materials (if necessary, notebook). Warm clothing is of course good for the exercises outside.

I have never meditated before. Can I come along anyway?

Of course! You can do all exercises and meditations at your own pace. Of course, silence is initially unfamiliar to many and challenge your comfort zone. But that is exactly where the magic lies, to discover more in the silence.

How do I arrange my 1:1 sessions? Are they fixed to a certain time?

You can arrange your individual appointments with me and tailor them to your needs.

POWER OF THE INNER VOICE sounds good to me. Can I do this retreat on another date alone?

Yes, you can flexibly book "Power of the Inner Voice" as a break for yourself. Just write to me using the contact form to find out more.

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