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Dreams are a 
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Dreams are messages from the unconscious, indicating developments.

These developments have either just been completed, are taking place, or lie in the future.

In "real life" we are often too busy to listen to our inner voice, that keeps us informed about these developments.

And when this inner voice can no longer get through to us, it uses dreams as a pathway to send us important information about ourselves and our life.

Consciously on the trail of the unconscious

Dreams without a cristal ball

  • You don't need a crystal ball or a guru for coaching with dreams.
  • If you want to look at a dream in coaching, you will always be in control and you can decide for yourself what seems right fo

  • With the help of the kinesiological muscle test (which is also possible online), we will investigate which images are significant and where there are further developed themes. It is never about a prediction into the future - simliar to an type of external"fortune-telling".

  • The emphasis is always on investigating pre-existing developments and areas of potential development that as perceived by the coachee. 

  • The focus is on connecting the unconscious with the conscious mind and concrete life. To explore the possibility of shape one's own development with agency and self-determination.
Consciously on the trail of the unconscious

Clarity for
real life

  • Dreams lose their drama and become exciting signposts.

  • Areas of life that are sometimes considered separate from each other or that we have little access to : A dream coaching session CONNECTS THE POINTS OF LIFE: such as work, family, physical body, spirituality etc.

  • Gain clarity about your own development in caropis areas and on different levels. And your own desire to honour them as best you can.

  • View your goals, personal crises, successes, physical symptoms and potential in a new light.

  • The themes that arise can then be specifically tackled or gain closure .


1. In preparation you can document the iyour most important dreams

2. Choose from one of the following services

  • individual Coaching Session: 
  • Dream coaching season: 3 sessions, in which you continue to follog the identified theme and its development.

The coaching can take place online or offline. 

3. After booking:

I'll get in touch and give you some hints and tips about how to document your dreams.


1 session (90 minutes) : 130 euros

3 sessions (90 minutes each): 350 euros

Gift voucher

Would you like to surprise someone with a dream coaching session? ?

Simply book a dream coaching with the scope of your choice and write me the recipient's name using the contact form. A personalized voucher will be sent to you digitally.


Coach and trainer for resilience, leadership and mindfulness

I have been accompanying people on their path and journey for 10 years. I no longer make a distinction between business concerns and inner human development. Everything is connected to everything. Each subject area can provide important information for the next step during breaks and retreats. When it comes to the essentials, the core of the human being, it is just a matter of being awake, open and curious about everything as it emerges, just as it is.

Retreats and Transformation

Retreats and transformation coaching and dream coaching are the heart of my work. Because the focus here is to take a deep dive into your life and yourself to gain an inner clarity, develop intuition and strength that can then radiate to all other areas. A lot of very fundamental things are happening here. And this is where the greatest of all things always arises for me too JOY .


“There is a sense of freedom in the goal that can be achieved with you. I can look back on the path I have taken and appreciate it. I also see the way ahead of me and know that I have what it takes to follow it. Because clarity and self-confidence have developed in me, and thanks to you, they are no flash in the pan but are resources that I can fall back on time and again. To have achieved my goal with you as a coach means to have developed respect for the path - my path. Understanding of the potholes and seeming diversions. And trust. Not just in my abilities, but in life itself."

Susanna Kammeringer
Expertin für soziale Innovation
You use many different elements of your extensive knowledge. I was particularly touched by the way you incorporated and wove elements from kinesiology into the coaching work, which deepened my experience. Insights only took place not only in my head, but also came to light on a deeper, holistic level. I have been familiar with kinesiology for a long time but have never seen it used in a coaching session. For me that was what was particularly special about your work, and was also one of the reasons why I found the hours I spent with you to be so fruitful.
Cornelia Strobl

Projekt Heilort

Through the conversation I was able to bring the phase to an end – in the period that followed my chronic stress vanished.

I was shown how I myself can actively conclude a phase I have experienced. Not just suppressing it, unresolved. I remain hopeful that that which I have experienced doesn’t raise its head again at a later date. The mood was very calm and very much inspired trust.

Werner B.
Anwalt für Strafrecht

Frequently asked Questions: :

What types of dreams can be coached?

Fundamentally it makes sense to bring dreams with you to coaching that have a certain expressiveness. This includes: 

- recurring dreams

- a series of dreams where certain elements are repeated

- dreams whose effects moved you and that stayed with you after waking up

- dreams that are easy to remember

- dreams in which you know that you are dreaming

What if I can't remember all of the details from the dream?

It doesn't matter. Write down what you can remember and register for a coaching session as soon as possible, so that any message can find its place in your daily life.

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