My Timeout

We need moments for ourselves to realign - especially in times of crisis and of significant change.

In this individual timeout you and your inner voice are in the focus of attention. You are the one who chooses the setting for your personal retreat.

The benefit of the retreat is, to renew my understanding of the importance of not being so strict with myself and not judging myself so much. But Instead to allow myself to look at myself in a loving way. This is nothing new, but during the retreat I could FEEL it – in my gut and in my heart, which is much more effective then to repeat it only in a rational way – in my head – again and again.

I found the community of likeminded people very enriching, a really colourful group from different countries. I was positively surprised, how intensively the group has been blended in such a short time and in this (virtual) format. A great experience! 

S. Walter

Senior International Marketing Manager, 

IT Branche


You want to take a timeout for yourself, to indulge in rest instead of increasing your activity, to sharpen your intuition, instead of filtering more information, and to calibrate your own inner compass.

  • Maybe you ask yourself who you are? Or what your purpose is? What is fulfilling you?
  • Or do you want to close off an experience or a phase/ period in your life?
  • Maybe you sense that your life is not yet aligned with your life energy and that’s why there seem to be so many things in your professional or private way?

There might be many reasons for a timeout. Sometimes you may need to retreat and withdraw to find silence. Sometimes movement and trying out new things is more suited to transformation.

This is a very individual timeout, that you can customize with my help. You decide how much help you need for your preparation, design, mentoring and transfer of your insights.

Whatever your priority is can be clarified by a first coaching.

You decide and if you want to be accompanied online or offline. 


That’s what you can find out on a first call with me. A retreat is one of the most sensitive interventions, so it is important that you feel comfortable with me.

I have participated in many different retreats, contemplations and ZEN sessions and have accompanied many people on retreats. I have often designed my own retreats for myself using different methods, exercises and focusing alternatively on nature, inner changes, external challenges, etc.

Through this I know: different points in time need their own way of retreat and stillness. Essentially however it is always about getting in touch with your inner being/ your inner voice or inner wisdom. Which approach is the right one for you NOW and which possibilities could lie within in for your own authentic journey can be clarified in the first call. 

You want to find out, what the right choice is? Then feel free to contact me for a free 30 minutes  free informative call.


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Vereinbare ein 30 minütiges kostenfreies orientierungsgespräch
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