conscious Leadership with A purpose

both PROFESSIONaL and human

When I speak to you, I do so not only on a professional (leader, project leader, Director, politician etc) but also a human level.

Your role requires the highest professionalism.

While the future simultaneously sets out bold challenges to refine your human qualities.

When you are really present, can act and lead from a place of an authentic and strong self and self -consciousness, the effect you have on any future professional and personal transformation increases.

If you have the feeling, that

  • your core human capabilities cannot be substituted by any technology
  • and that these capabilities are RIGHT NOW guiding your leadership style,

Then I will happily support you, on your journey to take this human potential to a new level.

The concrete instrument that is tof me at the centre of a future oriented leadership is the

resonant listening – the core listening

In times of uncertainty, change, and culture of ambiguous information, an unbiased way of listening and understanding are decisive transformational factors for you and for your organization (organisation = British English, organization = American English) 

RESONANTES listening - Core listening - A leadership tool for a sustainable transformation

is a key skill for perceiving signs of transformation in time, for leaning into this change and consciously including it into future development in regards to:

  • yourself,
  • others – colleagues, partners, stakeholders –
  • Ecosystems (nature, global contexts und organizations)
  • ... and to the yet unknown


rEvolution is always taking place on all levels::
  • in relation to oneself
  • in relation to others
  • in relation to ecosystems and the whole

When brought together cohesively, individual processes of development begin to make sense, bring clarity and get to the core of what is waiting to be done NOW.

Transformation is no longer just an empty buzz word but becomes a powerful and coherent dynamic.

Sources of inspiration for my work

the new: 

  • Up to date research about brain and heart coherence, neurobiology and empathy

the old:

  • Old and ancient sources of wisdom, historical events, the Enlightenment


  • Figures of universal recognition (homines universalis): Leonardo da Vinci, Hildegard von Bingen, Michelangelo, Goethe, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla
  • Recurring phenomena and natural laws

simple and complex: 

  • Conversations with small children.
  • My teacher Wolfgang Stabentheiner and the Future Coaches
  • Colleagues and friends from different walks of life
  • Insights from biology and natural medicine

Professional  milestones

  • Intercultural business studies
  • Management experience in Marketing, Area Sales Management
  • Product management, Marketing and Business Unit Management
  • Business Coach and Business Trainer (BDVT, Michl Group)
  • Certified ICF Coach PCC
  • Future Core Coach (Coaching based on a kinesiological biofeedback Testing.
  • Co-Creation, Carolyn Anderson
  • U-Lab, Leading from an emerging Future, Otto Scharmer, MIT – Massachusetts institute of Technology, Boston
  • Trainer, Coach, Consultant since 2011
  • I speak German, English, Italian, French and Czech

Inner rEvolution – milestones

  • personal practice of meditation and contemplation
  • attendance at contemplations, meditations and retreats
  • individual inner development through coachings, supervision and training

Immersion in Ecosystems – stepping outside of your own bubble

  • Bridging the gap between different social groups, cultures and people with disabilities through volunteering
  • Adult education
  • Leading international and interdisciplinary teams
  • Volunteering on a south Tyrolian mountain farm (Nature is happy, cultural minorities are enriching, self-sufficiency increases self-confidence, sustainability is the mother of invention)

Das Logo - mein roter faden

2011, als ich mich entschlossen hatte, mich als Coach und Trainerin selbständig zu machen, fand mich dieses Logo. Es zieht sich durch meine eigene innere und berufliche Entwicklung wie ein roter Faden. 

Dieses Schriftzeichen, das Chinesische Xin, bzw. das japanische Kokoro. drückt durch verschiedene westliche Wörter das aus, was es im Grunde als Ganzes ist, nämlich: 


Die Kunst des Resonanten Zuhörens, des CORE LISTENING ist Voraussetzung für das Arbeiten, Führen und Leben entlang der ESSENZ.



If there is someone capable of delivering information in a unique way, a natural gifted person who can blend teams together from the first session, you are looking at her "Maria Kaplan". In addition to all that, she is passionate about what she does and it was obvious during the course I attended with her. She has a seamless way to deal with the participants, which helped us go through this course easily. There are some people you can't forget and she is definitely one special trainer and coach I won't be forgetting. Thank you dear Maria for the wonderful experience you offered me.
Bassam Al-Qallaf
Communication commissioning Engineer, Siemens Kuwait
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